HyFA Location Tracker
Hypercore Feed Aggregator Network is a peer-to-peer system for securely sharing data from sensors. Implemented the Location Tracker, a React Native mobile application to collect and share location data along, with Dimitri Leggas under advisement from Brian House at Center for Spatial Research. We propose a method to use the Hypercore implementation of the DAT protocol on a mobile device.
React Native
Simple Shape Oriented Language
Designed and implemented a compiler for SSOL: The Simple Shape Oriented Language, with Daniel Mesko and Madeleine Tipp. SSOL is a programming language that allows users to create shapes algorithmically and render them in SVG files. It also functions as a general purpose programming language.
Beyond the Census
Contributed to the Center for Spatial Research project, Beyond the Census, mapping languages of Queens, NY. Developed custom backend for manipulation of the project's MongoDB instance by non-technical users.
We Can NYC
Built the web site and visualization for this collaborative project between Brown Institute for Media Innovation's Francesca Berardi and Center for Spatial Research's Grga Basic. This project tells the story of those who collect recyclables for a living on New York City Streets
Conflict Colombia
Contributed to this project by Center for Spatial Research which maps human displacement due to violent conflict. Built the web map visualization showing physical relocations over time. This projects seeks to better understand the patterns and ramifications of unsafe living conditions in Colombia.
Leaflet / Mapbox
p5.js Sound Library
Designed enhancements and developed new features for the sound library of p5 via Google Summer of Code and the Processing Foundation. Worked with the large codebase of an open source project, collaborated with developers and responded to community feedback. Wrote tests and designed examples.
Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism
Designed and laid out two editions (XIV, XV) of Columbia University's undergraduate literary magazine. Have both led a team and worked collaboratively to construct the issue.